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The patients at present want to go for eye surgery to restore visual clarity and offer outstanding vision during the refractive tests. Contact biometry is not the most accurate technique to generate outcomes that might live up to specific expectations. We at Tyagi Eye Hospital offer the leading biometry technique that offers trustworthy, accurate, and constant readings with the removal of the errors which are included in corneal compression.

Immersion A-scan biometry happens to be the eye ultrasound which offers the prerequisite information about the eye length. This technique is used on a wide scale to assess vision abnormalities and different diseases that involve the eye. These techniques are known to be based on ultrasonography principles. Tyagi Eye Hospital is one of the leading eye hospitals, offering Immersion A-scan biometry solutions at the most budget-friendly prices. To perform the A-scan biometry services, it is necessary to place the ultrasound probe onto the corneal surface. We are equipped with a team of highly experienced professionals, offering A-scan biometry solutions.

Immersion A-scan biometry to increase the accuracy of the vision after surgery

The immersion A-scan biometry offers more reproducibility, which results in an enhanced rise in accuracy. It is possible to perform the immersion technique faster with higher confidence.

With the implementation of this technique, you can be ensured that the ultrasound probe will not come with the cornea directly. Instead, a coupling fluid is used, thereby preventing compression.

We at Tyagi Eye Hospital have a team of expert surgeons which depend on the immersion technique for several years. Our immersion biometry solutions have earned a high reputation for hassle-free and faster immersion biometry. Eye experts prefer to choose it over the contact methodology. As you opt for our immersion biometry solutions, you can be ensured that this solution is more accurate and efficient.

The immersion biometry solutions we offer, provides improved vision to the patients. Our surgeons have the prerequisite information to determine the right outcomes and processes. The A-scan immersion techniques provide improved accuracy in the IOL power calculations.

Tyagi Eye Hospital has earned a high reputation for offering the best in class A-scan immersion technique, which can improve eye vision without involving any risks. It stands out of the ordinary in providing the efficiency and accuracy of the immersion ultrasound. It happens to be a cost-efficient option, which can be used on a wide scale for different patients, regardless of the visual acuity level or cataract density. We at Tyagi Eye Hospital bring you the best in class immersion technique at the most budget-friendly all-inclusive package prices. Reach out to us to avail more information on the topic.

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