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Optical pachymetry

Optical pachymetry contributes as being the technique in which the eye professionals will measure the cornea thickness of the patient. Tyagi Eye Hospital happens to be one of the leading eye hospitals, which stands out of the ordinary in providing the best in class optical pachymetry solutions at budget-friendly prices. Our eye specialists make the right use of the device to get the prerequisite measurements. Besides this, we use these devices for certain different eye surgeries. Pachymeteries are known to be non-invasive. Our eye surgeons make the right use of the most updated technologies, thereby assuring accurate measurements.

Reasons to choose our optical pachymetry services

The corneal pachymetry process involves the process to measure the cornea thickness. It is essential for a plethora of corrective eye surgeries, like a laser in situ keratomileuses. To measure the corneal thickness, the eye surgeons determine the eligibility for specific processes. Moreover, it plays an integral role in avoiding different kinds of potential complications. The primary benefits of optical pachymetry are portability, user-friendliness, convenience, and accuracy. A wide array of patients across the country prefers to opt for optical pachymetry services as it removes the ultrasound downsides. The prerequisite difference is that no contact is invovled between the eye and the measuring device. Removal of the contact plays an integral role in making the process safer and easier.

There are different cases in which the optical pachymeters will be attached to the slit lamp. Here, a microscope with brighter light is useful to test eye structures. There are a bunch of optical pachymeters which make the right use of specular microscopy. Such kind of process allows for the corneal structure’s faster diagnosis. The specular microscopy will reveal the abnormalities present in the cornea. It is inclusive of irregular cells, which is a common occurrence in people suffering from iatrogenic corneal epitheliopathy.

Opt for our optical pachymetry services

Measurement of corneal thickness is essential as it conceals the intraocular pressure’s accurate reading ? Such kind of intraocular pressure is essential to determine the glaucoma risks. Careful eye pressure control offers assistance in preventing the loss of vision.

Corneal pachymetry involves a test that is beneficial for measuring cornea thickness. This corneal thickness measurement helps to diagnose specific corneal diseases. Moreover, it plays an integral role in the determination of specific ophthalmologic surgical and medical treatment effectiveness. In addition, it helps to penetrate the refractive surgeries, keratoplasty, and evaluate the contact lens wear.

We at Tyagi Eye Hospital are equipped with a team of highly experienced professionals offering premium quality optical pachymetry solutions. You are sure to reap a lot of benefits as you choose our optical pachymetry solutions. The optical pachymetry solutions we offer are the accurate and safe technique that helps to assess the progression of different eye issues. Reach out to us to avail of optical pachymetry solutions of high quality from us. So what are you waiting for? Procure excellent optical pachymetry services from our eye specialists.

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