Nidek Auto Keratometer

This product duo determines eye prescription and measures the shape of the cornea. These capabilities are crucial for diagnosing eye conditions such as astigmatism or corneal distortion. They are also especially helpful for fitting contact lenses.

Nidek Lensometer

Detects eye lens & determines what kind of lens needs to be placed during surgery

  • Hartmann sensor with 108 measurement points
  • Automatic lens type detection
  • Scale mode function
  • UV transmittance measurement
  • Vertical 5.7-inch color LCD touchscreen


Perimetry refers to the systematic measurement of the visual field, and is an essential component of defining the extent and progression of glaucoma, as well as numerous other eye conditions.

Refraction Chair Unit (Optical Model)

Our Refraction Chair Unit features smooth rotation, a well-balanced sliding tabletop with ample space for two instruments. It is manufactured under the supervision of skilled professionals that provides the ultimate ophthalmic & optometric needs.