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YAG laser surgery

The Yag laser surgery contributes to being the kind of laser eye surgery that makes the right use of the Yttrium-Aluminum Garnet laser. It plays an integral role in improving the patient vision once the cataract surgery is over. The specific process will treat the cataract surgery complications where the patient will experience the specific cloudiness on specific parts of the eye lens. Such kind of condition is referred to as posterior capsule pacification. Tyagi Eye Hospital brings you the best in class YAG laser surgery solutions at the most affordable services.

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The whole process is executed in the office of the ophthalmologist. You will be amazed to know that our eye surgeons will perform the whole process in 5 minutes only. In the beginning, the eye surgeons will numb the eyes through the use of eye drops. The doctor will point the specific YAG Laser at the back part of the specific lens capsule. You will find that the tiny opening is created at the central part of the capsule, which will clear the vision.

You will be amazed to know that our YAG laser treatment technique is an extremely painless process. Here, the patient is known to sit behind the specific laser, thereby moving the eyes as the physician directs it. Our eye surgeons will treat the affected eyes with almost 50 laser pulses.

Why should you choose our YAG laser solutions?

We at Tyagi Eye Hospital perform the YAG laser treatment services. The YAG laser contributes to being the laser, which helps clear the specific frosting from the intraocular lens’ back surface.

During the execution of the YAG laser treatment, the eye doctors make the right use of the magnifying contact lens, which helps aim the YAG laser at the frosting layer. As the eye surgeons perform the treatment, the patients view the light flashes. They perform the dilation of the pupil before the performance of the YAG laser. Thus, you can be ensured that the eye surgeons will have a perfect lens surface view so that they can perform the surgery without any challenges.

Once the treatment is over, the physician will prescribe the pressure drops and anti-inflammatory drops’ short course. There are a plethora of patients who will find an improvement in their vision and clarity in no time. We at Tyagi Eye Hospital have a team of highly experienced professionals who have gained high prominence in offering the YAG laser surgery solutions at the least cut off from the pocket. Reach out to us to procure YAG laser surgery services from experienced eye professionals.

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