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Pterygium surgery

Pterygium is non-cancerous growths on the eye’s outer coating, which are known to grow upon the cornea. Thereby leading to vision disturbances. Pterygium removal surgery happens to be a minimally invasive process that will take a duration of 45 minutes. Tyagi Eye Hospital happens to be one of the top eye hospitals, offering pterygium excision surgery services at the most affordable prices. We have a team of highly experienced eye surgeons who perform pterygium surgery through the use of anesthetic eye drops.

Opt for our pterygium surgery solutions at affordable prices

Tyagi Eye Hospital happens to be one of the leading eye hospitals, providing the best in class eye pterygium surgery services at the least cut off from the pocket. We have a team of highly experienced eye specialists who can execute pterygium surgery under general anesthesia and local anesthesia. Such kind of choice is based on the operation’s difficulty and anticipated length, the surgeon’s advice, the preferences, and the suitability for various kinds of anesthesia. Our eye doctors have gained high prominence in utilizing the latest practices, thereby preventing regrowth.

Our eye surgeons make the right use of the finest technology to execute the latest surgical procedures, which will limit the recurrent rates. Our eye specialists stand out of the ordinary in offering the best in class cosmetic results.

Choose us to procure pterygium surgery services.

The pterygium services we offer stand out of the ordinary in improving eye appearance. Moreover, it brings an improvement in the vision in specific cases. If you have a cataract and pterygium, it is recommended to go for our pterygium services first to ensure better results in cataract surgery.

Pterygia surgery is a common choice for patients residing in warm climate areas. To perform the pterygium surgery, the doctor sedates you, after which they will numb the eyes. It will prevent discomfort during the completion of the surgery. They will be cleaning the surrounding areas. The next step involves the doctor removing the specific pterygium surgery and the related conjunctiva tissue. After the removal of the pterygium, the eye surgeon replaces it with the related membrane tissue graft, thereby preventing recurrent pterygium growths.

After the removal of pterygia, the doctors make the right use of fibrin glue, and sutures, thereby protecting the conjunctiva tissue graft in a suitable place. Such techniques play an integral role in decreasing the risks of recurrent pterygia. Tyagi Eye Hospital brings the best in class pterygium surgery services which help improve the vision on a wide scale. We have a team of highly experienced and highly educated eye professionals who have performed these operations on an extensive scale. Reach out to us to avail our pterygium surgery solutions at low prices.

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